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About Black Ink Technologies

Whether you are at your desk, in the store, or on the road, Black Ink automatically finds you the revenue growth opportunities to sell more product - faster and smarter - in your territory.

A powerful, yet easy and affordable solution, it automatically aggregates product, customer and competitive data. No more need for vanilla Customer relationship (CRM) management systems, uploading information on geo-maps, building reports, or paying for unintelligent business intelligence.

Just login, and start selling more.

It's terrific for the construction, industrial, forestry, outdoor power, lawn and garden, and/or turf equipment industry.

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Products by Black Ink Technologies

By Black Ink Technologies

Increasing sales through your existing dealers means more than a “last year plus 1” approach. That may cast you as a cost to your dealer until your product sells off their shelf, floor, or wall. However, the message changes when you say ‘these products will make you the most money this year, and... Read more »

By Black Ink Technologies

You don’t sell healthcare products, banking services, or phone services. You sell outdoor power equipment, and you sell it to sophisticated equipment users. So why use generic CRM systems that are not built for your OPE needs? Why put up with the hidden costs that come with trying to customize... Read more »

By Black Ink Technologies

You know that not all independent dealers are created equal. Management, succession plans, merchandizing, competitive product lines, location, and service quality are just some of the differences. Add it all up, and it can mean the difference between a high performing dealer or a low performing... Read more »

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