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  • Scarifiers for concrete and asphalt (high performance) By SMITH Surface-Preparation Systems

    With a complete product line of over a dozen styles of removal machines, in gas, electric and hydraulic, SMITH sets the standard in the industry for helping users remove faster, safer, more cost-effectively while achieving best finishes. In-house manufacturing of machines, cutters, and custom... Read More
  • Sectional Sewers and Drain Cleaners By Electric Eel Manufacturing

    These sectional cleaners use interchangeable cables in 5', 8', and 10' sections and offer several advantages such as lower maintenance costs, better portability, increased cleaning capabilities, and self-feeding features. Read More
  • Silver-Line Pro-12 Sander By Essex Silver-Line Corporation

    The Pro-12 from Silver-Line is the best machine for gyms and large halls. Designed with the professional floor contractor in mind, the Pro-12 provides you with the power to cut and the ability to finish the job. The Pro-12 offers a 5HP universal brush driven motor, the strongest motor... Read More
  • Skid Mounted Electric Powered Sewer and Drain Jetter By Cam Spray

    Features include an industrial totally enclosed fan cooled motor with soft start panel, triplex plunger pump with stainless steel valves and ceramic plungers protected by an unloader valve and secondary pressure pop off. Power Pulse valve for help in navigating longer lines and elbows. Frame is... Read More
  • Skid Steer Tracks By Monster Tires

    If you are looking for skid steer tracks and compact track loader tracks, you have come to the right place at Monster Tires! We have the parts to get your skid steer or compact track loader up and running. Having the right tracks makes all the difference for how your skid steer or CTL works.... Read More
  • SL-1218OVS Orbital / Refinisher By Essex Silver-Line Corporation

    Essex Silver Line's SL1218OVS 12” x 18” Orbital Polisher/Refinisher offers a 1.5hp motor, rugged cast aluminum base with weight built into the chassis. The fan cooled, sealed Baldor motor is protected from dust. Heavy-duty rubber towers in four corners support the base and plate protecting the... Read More
  • SL-1218R Orbital Polisher By Essex Silver-Line Corporation

    The SL-1218R will add a different dimension to your fleet of floor care machines. The Design allows the DIYer to accomplish the work of a rotary polisher without knowing how to run one! Applications include: Screening floors after sanding with the SL-8 & SL-7 Screen & recoating polyurethane... Read More
  • SL-7 Floor Edger By Essex Silver-Line Corporation

    Designed and engineered to stand up to the toughest customer, the SL-7 delivers excellent results. It's built to give tip performance on the toughest jobs. The Powerful motor delivers 3600 RPM for the fast, smooth cutting you want. The oversized vacuum fan and chamber work together to... Read More
  • SL8 Floor Sander By Essex Silver-Line Corporation

    The 1 hp constant speed motor and soft rubber drum with our unique cam locking system combine to work like a professional sander. The sandpaper is held between 2 spring-loaded cams. The slow (1800 RPM) constant speed of the drum will not gouge floors. The tilt action for the SL-8 allows for... Read More
  • Stander By Wright Manufacturing Inc

    With its Operator Balance Control (OBC), this Wright mower lets you take hills almost as fast as level ground. The stand-on mowing revolution started right here. However, today’s Stander® is even more refined, agile and well balanced than its forefather. The patented stand-on design, known as... Read More