Mathews Co

500 Industrial Avenue, P.O. Box 70
Crystal Lake, IL 60039-0070

About Mathews Co

M-C specializes in manufacturing a variety of continuous flow grain dryers that includes 310 bu/hr - 5,600 bu/hour expandable models and 560 bu/hour - 4,800 bu/hour vacuum cooled tower models, as well as multi-crop shredders. M-C has the only independent dual touchscreen control system in the industry that offers a built-in back up, bright, easy to see graphics and intuitive diagnostics. The Pinnacle 20|20 control system is a PLC-based system and any one screen can be accessed within two screen touches. All M-C dryers now include remote dryer monitoring with M-C Trax. Known for high quality built machinery produced in the U.S. since 1954, M-C products are available through authorized dealers worldwide.

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