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EAST SETAUKET, N.Y., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Completed in December 2020, the expansion and upgrade to the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Madrid, Iowa, helped clean up the local watershed and avoid any public health hazards. PENETRON ADMIX SB was specified to ensure durable and waterproof concrete for the new wastewater treatment plant infrastructure.

A town of about 2,600 people, Madrid is located 22 miles northwest of Des Moines, Iowa. The town's wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was originally constructed in the 1960's and has undergone a number of upgrades since then. In its previous configuration, the Madrid WWTP relied on a single stage trickling filter biological treatment process for removal of pollutants, followed by an ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection step before discharging treated wastewater to the adjacent creek.

Avoiding a Health Hazard
"Treated wastewater from the Madrid facility is typically released into the Murphy Branch Creek, a tributary of the Des Moines River, a recreational area for the region," explains Christopher Chen, Director of The Penetron Group. "However, this was a potential health hazard due to prolonged and direct contact with the wastewater. The town officials realized an upgrade to the plant was urgent."

The completed US$6.8 million project was constructed by Gridor Construction, the project's general contractor. During the planning phase, the project engineer at Short Elliot Hendrikson contacted Penetron for a reliable waterproofing solution for the new concrete elements of the WWTP. After reviewing the cost benefits, the simplified dosage with pre-measured soluble bags, and on-site technical support available from the local Penetron representative, PENETRON ADMIX SB was specified for the Madrid project.

Protecting Concrete in an Aggressive Environment
Concrete structures in a wastewater treatment plant are continually exposed to an aggressive environment that includes chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, disinfectants, an array of toxic compounds and various chemicals added during the plant's treatment processes. Adding PENETRON ADMIX SB to the concrete mix reduces concrete permeability, increases chemical resistance, and enables self-sealing of any hairline cracks to enhance the durability of these key concrete components.

Construction work included a new activated sludge/biological wastewater treatment system, a new UV disinfection system; a new UV disinfection system, buildings to house the electrical and control systems, offices, a laboratory, restrooms, storage, and an extension of a flood control berm around the new biological treatment area, and two existing primary clarifiers to the equalization basins were also upgraded.

Permanent Protection
Delivered in pre-measured soluble bags, PENETRON ADMIX SB was added to over 1,300 cubic yards (1,000 m3) of concrete by Hamilton Ready-Mix, the concrete supplier, and used for the floor slabs and walls of the water holding structures, the aero-mod treatment tank and the diversion structure.

"Thanks to the fool-proof dosage of the soluble bags and Penetron's success with similar projects in the region – and across the USA – the Madrid WWTP expansion and upgrade project was a complete success," concludes Christopher Chen.

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