EDCO Inc. Develops Groundbreaking Product with Sunbelt Rentals for Demanding Rental Market

Press Release from Equipment Development Company (EDCO)

The two companies worked together to design a more durable and user-friendly engine hoist to meet the specific needs of the tough rental market.

FREDERICK, Md., Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- EDCO Inc. and Sunbelt Rentals are happy to announce the launch of an innovative engine hoist built specifically for the rental market. The two companies came together to custom design and manufacture a brand-new knock-down style engine hoist that will meet the unique needs of rental customers.

"We wanted to be able to offer a rental unit engine hoist that was not only durable, but that could be easily transported by our customers," Dustin Thompson, Territory Fleet Manager for Sunbelt Rentals says. "The problem was that there wasn't anyone currently making this product, so we reached out to EDCO for a solution."

Since 1959, EDCO, the equipment development company, has been designing and producing "rental-tough" products. EDCO and Sunbelt Rentals have had a trusted mutual partnership for 40 years, but this engine hoist is a first-of-its kind project for both brands.

"This is something we never had done before," Tony Calcopietro, Sales Director of Rental at EDCO, says. "Creating this new product from scratch was outside of the normal EDCO surface prep and sawing and drilling world. We were able to work together to reverse-engineer an old prototype and create a product that was identical to something that was produced 40 years ago."

EDCO's research and development team worked with the Sunbelt Rentals' team to tweak the product so it was a perfect fit for their rental customers.

"EDCO worked to make sure all departments at Sunbelt Rentals were on board with the new product and listened to our ideas and kept the process moving forward proactively," Thompson says.

The result? A quality-engineered, U.S.-made product that is heavy-duty and reliable while also being portable and easy-to-store for Sunbelt Rental customers.

"These types of projects are an opportunity to partner with our top customers and build items that they have a demand for, and that specifically, the equipment and rental industry has a need for," Calcopietro says. "Whether it's quality or availability, EDCO can assist in the creation of new products for our customers, and we are happy to meet that need, but it's the relationships we have with our customers that solidifies these partnerships. We are always looking to help our customers and the relationships come first."

To learn more about the EDCO & Sunbelt Rentals partnership, visit https://www.edcoinc.com/

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